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Narcissa isn't sad to leave when the time comes. It isn't her home any longer; it hasn't been her home for a long time. The House Elves are both gone and thick layers of dust cover what furniture is left. Nothing left but memories, memories following her as she walks through her empty house. Not even the portraits are left, all the Malfoy ancestors ripped from the wall. No, she isn't sad to leave, when Severus shows up at her door and tells her she must. She takes her robes and she takes the jewelery Lucius gave her when they were first lovers and she takes the locket Regulus gave her the evening before he died.

They're coming for you, Narcissa, he tells her. You need to go.

He doesn't tell her where he and Draco are, and she doesn't ask. If she doesn't know, then she can't betray their secret if They catch up to her. They are the Aurors, the Order, the Death Eaters, everyone she's ever known.

She goes to Paris because she's always wanted to go there, and she rents a flat, learns to live as a Muggle. She figures out how to get the Daily Prophet delivered to her.

Severus and Draco are still on the run, haven't been found yet, and when she hears that, she thanks the God she has never believed in.

Hogwarts is closing, she reads one day, and she is sad because she has always loved Hogwarts, despite everything.

Then Harry Potter disapears and so do Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley, and for weeks nothing else is in the paper.

One evening somebody knocks on her door, which is strange because nobody ever visits her.

It's Potter and his Weasley and his Mudblood.

They all stand staring at eachother for a long time before Narcissa invites them in because she doesn't know what else to do.

"How'd you find me?" she asks.

"It was hard," Potter admits.

"Why'd you find me?" That's the more pertinent question.

The Mudblood gives her a piece of paper, and she is careful not to let their fingers brush. It has a picture of a locket on it.

"Do you know that locket?" Potter asks.

"No," she lies.

Potter looks like he wants to hit her, but he doesn't. "We know you have it."

Then why'd you ask? she says in her head, but she doesn't say it out loud, because that look in Potter's eyes frightens her more than she cares to admit. "Why should I give it to you?" she asks instead, reasonably.

"Because I need it to defeat Voldemort," Potter says, just as reasonably, and she winces.

"Why do you think I want Voldemort defeated?"

"Don't be stupid," the Mudblood snaps. "You're not just hiding from the Ministry."

"If you give it to us," Potter says, "we'll make sure Draco is fully pardoned for his participation in the death of Albus Dumbledore."

"And Severus?" she asks.

That look comes back into Potter's eyes, and he says, "Take it or leave it, Mrs. Malfoy."

They stare at eachother for a long time, before Narcissa drops her eyes and says, "All right," quietly.

They leave and she doesn't hear from them again. Two nights later, she reads that Draco Malfoy has been pardoned and is working with Potter.

The Dark Lord is dead, she reads in the paper the morning after. Draco fought at Potter's side, and he was very brave, the papers say. There is a list of those deceased on the back page, and in tiny print, near the bottom, it says Severus Snape.

Lucius is released from Azkaban and he comes for her, three days after the battle. They go back to their house, and they make a home of it.

When Draco tells them he's in love with Harry Potter, Lucius yells and Draco yells back until they're both hoarse, and then Lucius says, All right, you can love who you want. She cries because she won't have grandchildren, but she stops when they adopt a war orphan.

So maybe it's a happily ever after, and maybe stories only end happily when you know when to stop them, but Narcissa has a home again and she has a family again, and in the end, that's enough. Even if they have to have Weasleys and Mudbloods over for dinner.

I'm not sure what I think of this one. The end's a bit weak and it's not a style I'm used to. Erm. . . R&R PLZKTHX.
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