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impinc's Journal

30 June
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  • impinc@livejournal.com
Hey there!

I'm ImpInc, also known as Fae, your average half-lurker Slytherpuff. This is my fandom journal.

I'm mostly a lurker, but also a fanfiction writer and you can find most of my fanfic here.

WARNING: I'm usually very friendly, but if you take yourself too seriously, I reserve the right to mock you.
12 grimmauld place, alice/bellatrix, alice/lily, alternate realities, alternate universes, andromeda tonks, angst, aus, badgers, bellatrix lestrange, bellatrix/ginny, bellatrix/narcissa, bill/fleur, bisexuality, blackcest, blaise/draco, cats, dark fic, dark hufflepuffs, death, draco malfoy, draco/pansy, dudley dursley, dumbledore theories, dye ron dye, ernie macmillan, ernie/bellatrix, ernie/hermione, evil dumbledore, evil hufflepuffs, family trees, fandom, fandom is fucking funny, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, femmeslash, fic, fluff, gen, gen fic, ginny/pansy, hamlet ending, harry potter, harry potter fandom, harry/draco, harry/neville, harry/pansy, harry/ron, harry/ron/hermione, harry/zacharias, hermione granger, hermione/ginny, het, history, hogwarts, horace slughorn, horcruxes, house elf heads, house elf rebellions, house elves, hp, hufflepuff, james potter, james/lily, james/sirius/lily, long plotty stories, luna lovegood, narcissa malfoy, narcissa/andromeda, neville longbottom, not sirius/remus, ocs, original characters, pansy parkinson, petunia dursley, plot, pureblood inbreeding, rab, ravenclaw, reading, regulus black, regulus/alice, regulus/harry, ron weasley, ron/draco, ron/draco/pansy, ron/pansy, sirius black, sirius/bellatrix, sirius/draco, sirius/james, sirius/james/lily, sirius/lily, sirius/regulus, slash, slug club, slytherclaw, slytherin, slytherpuff, snakes, snape/draco, squibs, stories, stubby boardman is regulus, switzerland, the black brothers, the black sisters, the marauders, the trio, tom marvolo riddle, wips, woobies, woobies of destiny, writing, writing fanfic, zacharias smith, zacharias/draco